A Fruit by the Foot Commercial for the Ages

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While watching our favourite Canadian teen drama, Degrassi, from noon until 8 p.m. one day last week while I was visiting Ohio, Tracey and I luckily captured this Fruit by the Foot commercial on her DVR:

It’s sort of the worst recording ever, but the hilarity of the commercial cannot be diminished by screen lines or weird camera noises. Am I right?


  1. I should mention that Tracey later found a high-quality version. But I want more than 6 views on at least one of my YouTube videos, so watch mine first.

  2. Tracey says:

    Can I just mention that we are totally made of win?

  3. Anonymous says:

    That is extremely creepy..

  4. kylie says:


  5. Nicole says:

    I totally DVR’d the Degrassi marathon on Saturday. Instant love.

    • Then you’ll get to see the Fruit by the Foot commercial in its natural habitat. Lucky!

      I couldn’t believe I missed so many of those episodes when they originally aired. There’s nothing I love more than a marathon.

      • Nicole says:

        Sadly, I remember the original Degrassi that aired on PBS. I always got so frustrated that they weren’t aired on a normal schedule. Plus at the time (late ele school), I didn’t quite understand much of what happened. I remember the twin girls and one getting pregnant. And kids drinking. And all I could think was, aren’t they afraid of getting in trouble? Where are their parents?
        Yep, I was 80-years-old even then.

        • Even being in my mid-20s, I still feel like these “Degrassi” kids need some more parental guidance. That show is a great reason for parents everywhere to never allow their kids to leave the house. Especially for college.

        • Also, you are so amazingly badass for having seen the original when it actually aired instead of on DVD like Tracey and I saw it.

          • Nicole says:

            Wait, they have it on DVD?! Seriously? I might have to do some searching….

            Yeah my mom didn’t really care what we watched. It was okay for me (“they are going to get in trouble!) but not so much for my sister (“They can do it, so can I”).

  6. Todd says:

    This is a gift for you. Enjoy.

    • Todd says:

      Ok, it’s really annoying when my post doesn’t post. So here’s the link:

      • Todd says:

        I send you a Degrassi-related video that everyone is about to start talking about (Entertainment Weekly loves the guy and the song), and I get no comment? What the hell? Where’s the love?

        • Oh, you know what? I played, like, one second of the video at work the other day and was like, “Is this RAP?” I had no idea why you were linking me to it and figured it was related to your obsession with “Trapped in a Closet”. It hit me this morning what this must be, and now I’m really excited to watch it.

          • Todd says:

            You thought I would just send you a rap video for no reason? Because I’m hardcore gangsta like that? That just made me realize that no matter how hard he tries and how suggestive his lyrics are, he’ll still just be Jimmy Brooks. He’ll always be the guy who tried to convince Toby to help him cheat by hacking into the school’s computers.

            • Tracey says:

              I don’t get his rap name, either. Isn’t his real name Aubrey? So not gangsta.

              • Todd says:

                It’s his middle name. But why didn’t he either go with his middle and last name, which at least sounds more normal than just Drake, or just pick something else entirely. Just think how much cooler he’d be if his rap name was Jimmy Got Shot. I’d totally listen to that guy.

      • So, it turns out that I’ve actually heard this song in a real, live club. Other than the part about liking her without her makeup on, I didn’t think it was half bad, either. The video, of course, is grotesque.

        • Tracey says:

          What the hell?! I didn’t know this existed.

          Also, where’s his wheelchair!? It’s a miracle!

          • Yeah, you know, I really expected that he’d keep up the wheelchair routine simply because everyone knows him from “Degrassi”. But maybe he’s trying to get away from the wheelchair to pick up more chicks. And maybe, just maybe, because it’s offensive to pretend to be handicapped.

            Don’t you love it that one of these half-talented “Degrassi” kids actually made it?

  7. Sandy says:

    Off-topic: I LOVE DEGRASSI.