The Bus Driver Who Saved My Life (and by that, I mean 75 cents)

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To welcome me back from a week away from the Internet in the great barren plains of Ohio, you can politely click on the link below to read a story about how one man changed the course of my entire day:

The only nice person in New York City


  1. Kelly says:

    We have a new feature on Bachelor Girl, the Badass of the Day Award. My friend Other Katie won it Saturday, and a lady who goes by HeresyGirl won it yesterday. The bus driver? He wins it today.

    I can make a little badge or something out of construction paper, Elmer’s and glitter, if you want. I think the materials plus my handiwork would be worth $0.75, easy.

    P.S. I will also take authentic NYC black & white cookies ANY OLD TIME you feel like mailing some across the country.

    • I’ve never seen this bus driver before, or I’d totally request the badge to give to him another morning. (And wear it in the meantime myself.) I’m convinced that he was some sort of transportation angel, sent down to ease my MetroCard woes.

      P.S. YOU GET NO BLACK AND WHITE COOKIES UNTIL YOU COME HERE. Can you believe I’d never had one until a couple of weeks ago?