Why Reco Will Be “The Fashion Show” Fan Favorite

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In last week’s episode of “The Fashion Show“, there was a situation where the contestants were asked to use famous designers from the past as inspiration for a new piece of their own. Anna from Brooklyn had won the mini-challenge at the beginning of the episode and was given the opportunity to choose which contestant had to use each of the famous designers, and my favourite (and favourite to hate) designer, Reco, felt slighted by her choice for him. The following resulted:

I only tell you this so you’ll understand when this quote comes out of my mouth in every other sentence:

My pimp friend Mike Lowrey tells me this is old hat, but he did teach me another phrase, “out of pocket”. He says it means “out of control, which leads to a ho getting pimp slapped (a super backhand smack from a pimp usually done with the strength of Thor).”

You’re welcome.


  1. Unfortunately I don’t watch reality TV but
    I can say… Ahhh Pimpin ain’t easy.

    It’s very true you cannot be a true pimp without a strong pimp hand.

    (NOTE TO all especially law enforcement: I can’t confirm or deny that ANY the following is even true)

    Back in the day patrolling the tracks in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Used to be about 20-30 ho’s per track. And the rule is that if a ho talks to any man that drives up to her; she better ask him this phrase exactly, “Are you a Pimp?”. Pimps live by a strict code and you must answer yes. Then comes the fun part. A Ho will then tear off running in stilettos to hide so the pimp won’t force her to choose. Because the challenging pimp has the ability to get her to change pimps (make her choose) also known as changing stables. A Really Fine Ho may also be called a stallion or thoroughbred.

    track = the area where ho’s work
    as in a racetrack, Ho’s run around a set circular area of blocks, picking up work to make that money.
    Or else the pimp smack will be applied numerous times to make sure she works harder to get that money.

    Hey Katie here’s a new term that you will love and it’s not pimp related.

    Hiking in Appalachia = to disappear; go off the radar to get your freak nasty on with other woman.

    For example:

    Katie’s man wouldn’t be hiking in Appalachia.


    I’ve heard that Mike Lowrey goes hiking in Appalachia twice a week.

  2. Tracey says:

    I’m trying to think of some situations in which you would use this phrase during your trip home to Ohio this week.

    -Like if I refuse to point out that you left the tags on your new shirt when we go dancing?

    -Or if I hog all the best scrapbooking supplies?

    -If I purposely skip episodes of Lost and Six Feet Under on the DVDs in order to confuse you as we watch?

    Salt in a pimp’s game, baby. Salt in a pimp’s game.

    • Kelly says:

      Thank GOD someone finally told me what he’s saying. I’ve listened to the clip 28,000 times and I’m still going, “Eh? WHAT in a pimp’s game?”

      At first I wasn’t going to ask because I didn’t want to look dumb, but then you said that about scrapbooking and I was all, “YAY! I am among my PEOPLE!”

      These young whippersnappers and their fancy lingo.