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Here are my two favourite things in the world right now:

1) My latest Examiner article, which begins:

In my experience, there are two kinds of subway riders: everyone else and me. Everyone else does this cute little thing–since they somehow believe it more important for them to get to work than it is for me–where they squeeze into the only available square inch of space in front of me on the subway platform–neverminding the fact that there’s a good chance the train is going to swipe off their ties and/or faces–just to be at the front of the jumble of waiting people. Instead of standing off to the sides of the doors to keep traffic flowing, they wiggle into the space clearly marked on the floor as the area to keep clear for exiting passengers. They insist on being first into the car, even if they’re getting off at the next stop and will therefore have to push past everyone they ran on ahead of in order to exit.

Now go read the rest and earn me my penny.

2) This LiveJournal entry by topsyturvytown, which made me laugh so much that I insisted she unlock it so non-LJ people could enjoy it as heartily. If you don’t find yourself linking several of the pictures to your friends, I don’t understand how we could know each other.


  1. Kelly says:

    Loved the Examiner article. I have no frame of reference for it, of course, but at least I know now that if I ever have to ride the subway anywhere in NYC during morning rush hour, I should really get my shit to the station EARLY.

    (Also, I am proud to say that I go to the site for every single Examiner article. Hey, pennies add up, right?)

    Re. the link to topsyturvytown’s LJ: thanks for making me pee myself. I owe you one.

    • As a visitor, I see no reason why you’d be on the subway during rush hour. When I see these families going down to the Statue at 8:30 a.m., I’m like, “Seriously?” Because you should either be a go-getter who gets out of the hotel at 6 a.m., or you should be a slacker on vacation who sleeps until 10.

      Pennies really do add up. Why, I made a whopping 75 of them yesterday. Which will buy me . . . half of a black-and-white cookie. I’ll choose a white half, obvs.

  2. topsyturvytown says:


    • I’m a little upset that none of my LJ Friends commented, though. Or at least added you as a Friend. Who are these people who aren’t desperate for more people to love/be loved by?

      • topsyturvytown says:

        actually one of your friends did add me! but i actually don’t like adding people anyway so it doesn’t bother me!