More Lost and Lonely Leftovers

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Yesterday, Dr. Boyfriend and I were walking around 2nd Ave. between 23rd and 34th Streets, delighting ourselves with the culinary wonders of the weekend street fair (warning: jankiest website ever), when we spotted a pickle vendor. Neither of us have sampled many of New York’s pickle offerings other than the full sour and the half-sour, so I suggested we try something new, but as we approached the tent, we were dismayed to see that they were only being sold by the pint.

We passed by pickleless then but found ourselves standing outside a bakery stationed directly behind the vendor later just as one of the sellers lobbed off the bottom half of a pickle and attempted to land the top half in a trashcan. He didn’t watch to make sure it actually landed in the garbage, though, so Kamran and I were the only ones to see it bounce off the rim and roll onto the sidewalk at our feet.

And thus, an addition to my abandoned food page was born.


  1. knittinglizzie says:

    was that website made in 1996?

  2. Kelly says:

    For one horrifying second, I thought you were going to say Kamran picked it up off the ground and took a bite.


    I, for one, had no idea NYC (or any place, for that matter) had such a wide variety of pickles.

    • Just another thing for us to check out when you break down and visit me.

      Kamran is about the least likely person in the world to eat something off the ground (or the floor of his own home). You two would vomit for days if I told you some of the germy things I’ve eaten.