Renegade Craft Fair 2009

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Our friend Emily introduced my friend Beth and me to the Renegade Craft Fair last year, but I had absolutely no money at the time and bought only a $2.50 ice cream cone (which is what ice cream should cost) and an $8 plastic strawberry necklace (that broke on me after the second wear, but nevermind that).

This year, though, I brought stacks of cash with me and was ready to do all of my Christmas shopping like Emily does. But instead I bought only things for myself.

A pair of houndstooth button earrings for $5 from Cherry Red Boutique that I happen to be wearing today.

An Abe Lincoln pendant from traveling rhinos for $25 that I thought was pretty much the greatest thing at the fair and told the guy at the booth. He agreed and said he couldn’t believe it wasn’t the first thing sold.

A pair of silver hot dog earrings marked down from $12 to $7 also from traveling rhinos, because I’m always buying hot-dog-related items for Tracey and decided it was my turn.

And this amazing, amazing wallet from 31 Corn Lane that lists for $25 on their site but sold for $10 at the fair. It has a life-changing amount of pockets, and I’m sad I didn’t buy one for everyone I know.

Everything was so cheap, right? But that’s because I didn’t buy a $90 sterling silver deer necklace like Beth did or a $110 hat like Emily did. But the hats were pretty cute, right?

Beth Looking Very 1920s

We were walking around with these giant margaritas, and about halfway through them, Emily and I agreed that they must not be very strong, but by the time we finished them, we were able to talk each other into buying anything. I even bought something for Tracey that was more expensive than anything I bought for myself and everyone agreed didn’t even make sense. And then, of course, there was the mad dash to the restroom area, followed by the mad hunt to find a porta-potty that still had toilet paper:

The craft fair was about 100 times better this year than last, because it was in McCarren Park rather than in McCarren Park Pool. In the pool, all of the booths were lined up perfectly, and the sun was beating down on the concrete, and we were generally miserable. In the park, the booths were sort of willy-nilly, and we got to walk on grass, and everyone was generally delighted.


  1. Tracey says:

    The Abe Lincoln necklace is even cooler than I could ever imagine. Make sure you wear it to work on the days when you’re already planning to wear your top hat and fake beard.

    • The day after I bought that, I came into work and turned on the TV in the kitchen to watch the news for a minute, but a documentary about Abe being gay was playing on The History Channel, and I feel such a strong connection to him now that I had to sit and watch it. It makes me a little sad to know that there’s the possibility of him not enjoying the fact that he now gets to rest between my breasts.

      • Tracey says:

        Maybe you’ll make him switch teams by being next to all that awesomeness.

        (You do realize that Abe’s dead, though, right? And also just a picture on a pendant? Just thought I needed to make sure.)

  2. kylie says:

    i want that wallet. give it to me.

  3. Kelly says:

    *Runs around apartment in manner of rabid Chihuahua*


    *Slams into wall*

    (Also that Abe Lincoln necklace.)

    • This made me laugh out loud when I read it this morning. Mostly because I can totally picture you doing it.

      I agree that you need it . . . but not for $110.

  4. natalie says:

    i lurve the hot dogs!!!! and honest abe! and the houndstooth! your taste is fabulous, dahhhling.

    • I really think it’s better not to tell me when you like anything, because I get overexcited and assume you want many of them, which then results in you getting a hot-dog-related item for Christmas every year like Tracey does.

  5. Beth totally looks like she’s on her way to a speakeasy or the Cotton Club up in Harlem to listen to the Duke Ellington Band.
    (At the same time she also looks like she used to Run Numbers for the Mobster “The DutchMan”)

    • Also that Honest Abe pendant is not popping at all.
      What they needed to be selling is any of the medallions that these Brotha’s are wearing.

    • Beth says:

      And, that’s exactly what I did after the craft fair! Actually, we just grabbed food nearby, but it was mildly reminiscient of a speakeasy, sort-of.

      Hey, maybe you can answer this for us – Who goes to the Cotton Club? Is it even still open? What’s the deal w/ that place?

      • Honestly I’m not sure if The Cotton Club is still open. The last time I went there has probably been about 7 years now. I do know at the end of 2008 it was still open.

        It opens late so if you pass it during the day it looks abandoned, lol.

        If you ever drive through one.two.five (Key Katie that’s 125th Street in local talk) on the weekends in the Alfa-R. take a look anytime after 1pm.

        I haven’t been there in years but I can remember how good that food was. I wanted to live there!!!

        Damn that food was good.
        I can’t stand the fact that TX doesn’t have soul food. Tex-Mex and BBQ all day everyday but not a drop of some good ole’ Macaroni & Cheese and Candy Yams!