It’s Not Cool to Brag About Being a Drunk

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My office had a going-away party recently for one of our co-workers who moved to one of our locations in Singapore mostly to have better access to prostitutes. Here are my favourite photos from the night, most of which involve us inexplicably sticking out our tongues:

The next day, people kept congratulating me on being a happy drunk, which I suppose is something worth congratulating someone on. My boyfriend was not one of these people, as he was the one receiving texts from me hours after I told him I’d be home that said things like, “i don kno if i can maeuke it!”

When he texted me back, worried and ready to come pick me up wherever I was, he found out that I was thirty feet from his apartment building. Hilarious to me. Not so much to him.

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  1. Jack says:

    I feel like I might start getting seizures from looking at that image for too long. Must .. turn .. away ..

  2. spaghedeity says:

    God, I am so Kamran. And you are Elise. Every second night I stay up thinking she’s been raped and left for dead, and then she sends me texts like, “IM @ A PARYTY!!!!!” and I simultaneously feel left out and glad for being left out.

    • You’re right! Kamran’s all whiny when I go out without him, but he’s even whinier when I force him to go places with me.

      Although you and I both know that Elise isn’t being invited to any parties and is just using that as a cover for her hooking, knowing that you won’t ask to join her.

  3. Sonya says:

    I am soooo glad that I get to hang out with you guys! My fun New York pals, how was the movie?

    • You only use us for the free booze, but we love you anyway. I heard I missed quite the after-party on Friday night, eh?

      The movie was greeeeeeeat. Like, seriously, so funny and so well-acted and so true. It was a totally different situation than Kamran and I are in, but the feelings were all the same. Even your favourite, Kristen Stewart, totally didn’t suck!

  4. Kelly says:

    Pictures of you and Sonya create a kind of black hole of cuteness that’s almost powerful enough to make me grab an overnight bag, my venom-green pumps and Chihuahua’s mooshy little body and drive to the Shreveport Regional Airport and demand the next flight to NYC.

    For which they would have to route me to Houston, but still. The sentiment’s the same nevertheless.

    • But those pumps hurt your feet, and we’re totally not worth the pain! Although I’m not disagreeing with you about the black hole. Many a geeky co-worker has fallen into it thanks to Sonya’s good looks and my charm.

      You know that I’d totally welcome you at my place for weeks at a time, although Wen seems to be deathly afraid of dogs. I’m basing this entirely on his interaction with a pitbull once, though, so the situation may be different.

  5. natalie says:

    fun just seems to follow you like you’re some demented pied piper or something…it’s cool!