Dating IS Weird

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If you’ve ever thought, “Ohmygod, I wish I could just get married/become a nun so I’d never have to go on another date again,” is for you.

Or, you know, if you’re so happily engaged in a healthy relationship like I am but want to silently scorn single people, it’s also for you.

And it just so happens that they’re unexpectedly (and totally without payment) featuring a recent post of mine today! Yes, you’ve already read it here if you’re a good boy or girl, but it’s important that I drive a lot of traffic to the site so they have to take back all of the mean things they said about me in the introduction.



  1. Serial says:

    As soon as Datingisweird starts making money, go ahead and submit an invoice.

    We will consider it.

    • Seriously, don’t y’all have a book deal by now?

      • Serial says:

        I know, we’ve been on line for a year now, I don’t know how it is that we’ve remained so obscure. Maybe if we started referring to ourselves as “underground,” then our hipness quotient would pick up, then we’d be DISCOVERED.

        Then maybe we can pay you for stealing your content.

  2. imperfectionist says:

    Haha, Iowa.