I Didn’t See Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant Filming Their New Movie

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I forgot to tell you that a couple of weeks ago, I was picking Dr. Boyfriend up from law school, and after a stop at the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle for dinner at the hot bar, we exited the Time Warner Center to find a movie being filmed.

We obviously think celebrity is lame, but we couldn’t help trying to get a look at the actors to see what the fuss was all about. The whole sidewalk was roped off, stage lights were set up all around, and limos were pulled up to every curb. It turned out that Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant were filming some new movie called Did You Hear About the Morgans?. Greeeeeat title, huh?

Of course, Sarah Jessica and Hugh weren’t actually anywhere in sight. It was merely their stand-ins rehearsing the scene while they likely sat in their limos–Sarah Jessica calling home to Ohio, Hugh wondering how he was going to get past kissing Sarah Jessica’s horsey face without losing his lunch. But the crowd, of course, was still totally enthralled.

I doubt I’ll add their stand-ins to my list of famous people I’ve seen while living in NYC, but if Kamran keeps running into Keanu Reeves and Eliot Spitzer, I might get desperate for something to talk about.


  1. Tracey says:

    I wish you had seen dreamy Hugh! His eyes would have pierced into your soul and you would have forgotten about every boy you ever thought you loved.

    Also, shouldn’t Nora Ephron be on your famous people list? I think of how she called you “adorable” every time I fill in her name in one of my crossword puzzles.

    • I would’ve totally quoted Notting Hill to him over and over again.

      William: The film’s great . . . and I just wondered whether you ever thought of having more . . . horses in it.

      Anna: Well, we would have liked to . . . but it was difficult, obviously, being set in space.

      OH! Romantic comedies, you kill me!

      Incidentally, your mention of Nora made me go to the IMDB page for the movie, and did you know it’s not coming out until AUGUST?! Jesus.

      • Tracey says:

        I knew it wasn’t going to be until summer, but geez. The producers must be busy arguing about how the Big Embassy Party scene overshadows the entire rest of the film and whether or not to just scrap and re-shoot everything else.

  2. thickcrust says:

    Remember in Mars Attacks! when Sarah Jessica Parker was reduced to a human head on a dog’s body? When someone asks me what “irony” is, I usually offer that as an example. But sometimes I take the easy route and quote Alanis Morissette for fun because, after all, if they’re asking me the definition they aren’t going to know the difference anyway.

    • No, no, I don’t. But I’d like to add that while we were walking through the West Village yesterday, Intern Jessica told me that she saw SJP there one time. She knew it was SJP because of her curly blonde hair.

      “And her horse face?” I asked.
      “I didn’t see her face,” Jessica replied.


  3. natalie says:

    i love whole foods. i’m just saying.