Do It Again!

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My friend Emily likes to tease me about the photos I take for this here blog. She says the number one thing out of my mouth on an outing is:

“You know that really awesome thing you just did? Do it again so I can take a picture of it.”

Which is entirely true. So in honor of all of my spontaneously hilarious friends who so obligingly re-pose for me, here are my favourite of the “do that again” photos of recent history:

Kamran about to bite the head off a prawn at a yakitori joint.

Adam sleeping while he was supposed to be teaching a training class of customers at work.

Emily looking so completely badass with some graffiti.

Sad LaChantee after being told that she wasn’t allowed to sleep under my desk at work.

Meredith looking innocent on our outing where we saw the rotating meat.

Kamran flapping the wings of our poor Cornish game hen on our first Thanksgiving together.

Bethany and Tracey “biting” into the pizza-themed glass cutting board my parents gave me for Christmas to mock my cooking skillz.

Sonya wishfully thinking.

Kamran being EATEN IN THE FACE by a monkey at Dave & Buster’s.

Katie being EATEN IN THE FACE by Nick’s alligator head at Evolution.

Oliver, WHO WAS MY BOSS, trying to get me to do GOD KNOWS WHAT by offering
a dollar up to me through the glass on a rainy night at a bar on a work trip in New Orleans.

Joanie and Tracey figure skating in a Kohl’s in Kentucky.

Dominique telling the obnoxious wallpaper in her apartment building to pipe down.

Mike and Jessica, the vegetarians, clearly craving some meats.

Sonya pretending to actually love Adam for more than just his hair.

Kamran casually eating his frozen yogurt after totally dropping a big brown splotch on his shirt.

The one time someone actually did the “do it again” to me.

Thanks, friends!


  1. Emily says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute: you came all the way to Nawlins and didn’t make the teensy tiny ten hour hop over to Austin? What is WRONG with you?

    • That’s probably the closest I’ve ever been to you, huh? I mean, other than the time we HUNG OUT IN PERSON and POSED WITH THE HYMEN BANANA.

      Although that was all your doing, so yeah, I suck.

      • Emily says:

        Yeah, you do. But I still love you. Also, one of my very best friends in the world whose absence is crushing my soul is probably going to move to NYC in a few months. Which means I need to go back there. So we’ll probably have a Hymen Banana Part Two. Which means our score will be Emily: 2, Katie: 0.

  2. meredith says:

    I’m pretty pleased to make this list. And wish that I had some rotating meat here to entertain me.

  3. caropal says:

    I wish I was on that list. Alas!

  4. natalie says:

    the first picture is extremely disturbing. do people really eat the HEADS off of those creatures!?!?