Gimme Some Money

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It’s a funny thing, being an intensely poor lady who spends all of her time in her boyfriend’s richie-rich, circa-1920, hand-carved Italian stone apartment building with its own gym, laundry, and convenience store. Walking out of the lobby this morning, I followed through the revolving doors an older, classier woman with a Blanc de Chine shopping bag. And not, like, the paper bag they give you at DKNY or even the vinyl bag they give you at Scoop but a legitimate canvas bag that can be treasured and flaunted for years and years to come.

Now, that name wouldn’t have meant anything to me a few years ago, but you may remember back in 2007, when I hardcore coveted this Blanc de Chine cape that cost over $1600:

but instead bought this cape, which cost me $9:

I’m telling myself there’s no way that woman bought anything but a pair of cashmere socks, but I don’t think they hand out canvas bags for that.


  1. Tracey says:

    Oh, please. You know that woman’s friend gave her that canvas bag after getting it as a free gift for buying some makeup or perfume once, and now she carries it all over the place to look rich.

    • Just like I would. It WAS a little beaten up, so maybe you’re right. Next time, I’m going to call her on it. And then splash paint on her fur coat and stomp on her Chanel sunglasses.

  2. i wantwantwant YOUR cape. it’s tres cool–much nicer than the BdC one…seriously. and she probably got the bag at a sample sale or something. or maybe she has a discount hookup.

  3. Emily says:

    I still like the $9 cape better. Fuck fashion.