Another Wedding in Ohio Yay!

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I’m going to Ohio tonight, because Tracey and Dan are getting married on Saturday! Even though we both agree that societal conventions like marriage are ridiculous! And Tracey’s going to take his last name to boot! I’m using exclamation points sarcastically to voice my displeasure!

No, no, I kid. I mean, come on, look how cute they are together!:

Plus it means an excuse to see my dad!:

And my recently-married little sis!:

And my other friend for life, Katie, who no longer has a pregnant belly for me to gnaw on!:

But it’s really all about this one!:

Best friends montage!:

These are the times when living away from my friends-since-we-were-babies especially sucks. One of Tracey’s other bridesmaids had to plan her shower, and I just got to fly in back in January and enjoy it. And Tracey somehow feels like she has to make up for me having to buy a plane ticket in for the wedding, even though I’m the one who moved away. And when she and Dan should be enjoying their last moments of unwedded freedom, I’m going to be tagging along to their romantic dinners and forcing Dan to entertain himself otherwise while I play hours and hours of Scene It? with Tracey. Ahhhhh, the life I lead.


  1. Tracey says:

    You didn’t Photoshop out my poison oak in the ice cream picture!? Or my crazy sunburn in the Pete’s pictures?


    • I totally didn’t notice the sunburn, but OMG, I forgot that I was going to make a disclaimer about your neck rash. Although the fact that I previewed this entry a hundred times and didn’t remember the neck rash leads me to believe that no one else will, either.

      Jack has already been asking me what I’m going to do if your wedding ends up being awesomer than Joanie’s after all the big to-do I made about Jo’s being soooo great.

      • Tracey says:

        I think hers really might be better, considering that mine will have no basketball-shaped cake and (presumably) no ice-covered trees.

  2. spaghedeity says:

    Ack, cuter!


  3. natalie says:

    now i want ice cream and another wedding. have fun in oHIo. it’s lovely there. i’ve even shopped at the giant eagle in lousiville. :)

  4. I’m not sure who’s more scared in the 3rd picture.
    The T-Rex “shocked” to find out that it’s dead and is hanging in a museum or your dad “just as shocked, but more scared” to see you back in Ohio being that he forced you on a plane back to NY just a few weeks earlier.

    4th pic: You have a rooster purse and now your sis does this! It brings me to a question that is on most inner city folk minds, “What’s with Ohio women and farm animal love?”

    In the ice cream pic I didn’t think it was a rash at all. I thought she had recently dated Chris Brown.

    • I know, right? My poor dad and stepmom. They have one son living at home with his pregnant wife while their house gets built, they have one daughter bringing over her boyfriend and his twin 10-year-olds all the time, they have another son whose wife doesn’t like them, they have my sister not visiting often enough even though she only lives 3 hours away, and then they have me visiting every other weekend even though it costs me $300 each time. FUN!

      Ohio women are taught that farm animals mean moolah. Drive by our farm in the summer when the stench of pig poo is extra-rank, and my dad will say, “Smell that money!”

      I’m going to point Tracey here and let her decide if the Chris Brown thing is hilarious or so, so wrong.

      • caropal says:

        Have you spoken about your step-siblings before? I didn’t know you had any.

        • It seems like they should’ve popped up in some photos surrounding Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I suppose it’s possible I haven’t mentioned them. Mostly because I actually like them and therefore don’t have to write whiny, backstabbing posts about how they’ve ruined my life.

          I have a stepbrother who’s a few years older than I am, and a set of twins–a boy and a girl–who are my sister’s age (which is a year and a half younger than I am). My dad has known my stepmom his whole life, my sister and I went to school with her kids, my sister was best friends with the girl-twin for a long time, and we’ve all gone to church together forever.

          I really don’t think my dad and Lois were coveting each other over the church pews or anything, but when my mom died, Lois was divorced, and it just made sense. She’s definitely the best stand-in for a mother possible, and all of us kids totally get along, probably because we were all adults by the time they got married.

  5. meredith says:

    Your dad looks TERRIFIED of that dinosaur.
    I am in town through the weekend. Let’s meet up in the neighborhood. Please!


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