The Best Karaoke in NYC

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I was actually in a non-salty mood for the first Friday in ages, so I convinced some of my ladyfriends (and Steven) to go out for another round of karaoke to make up for our last sad, sad display. This time we went back to our usual spot, Sing-Sing Karaoke, which was introduced to us by Emily ages ago and which I’m going to argue is the best karaoke in New York City in terms of song offerings and awesomeness of facilities, though their private rooms get snatched up too quickly because of how great they are.

We went straight from work, which meant that we were the first ones there and got to take advantage of their $5 per person/hour private room happy hour rate and half-priced drinks. The drinks being the reason you will not see any photos of me in the following collection.

The drinks also being the reason Steven looks like he’s soooooooo into this beautiful ballad until you notice that the words on the screen are “till you holler for more”:

and the reason Jessica looks like she’s never enjoyed a tortilla chip from Chipotle more than she’s enjoying this one:

and the reason Melvin has five chins:

and the reason Jenny and Jessica actually sang a song without being threatened into it (and why Jenny may be throwing up here):

and the reason Emily is singing “867-5309/Jenny” for the second time that night in honor of Jenny with her hand in her crotch:

Okay, no, I’m kidding; we each had, like, one drink. But there’s really no other explanation for this stuff.


  1. natalie says:

    that’s so cooool. out here in the boring suburbs we have sing karaoke in the house. it’s not quite as much fun…all though i have been known to do a show-stopping 3-hour cabaret of bette midler when my husband pisses me off. (you know, as punishment…)

  2. spaghedeity says:

    So where’s the picture of you flashing your cooch?

  3. Stupid old DC doesnt have any private room karaoke. It’s all very sad. London had a ton of ’em and I became addicted quickly.

    • Listen, if you want to go into business with me, I will totally open up a chain of private-room-filled karaoke lounges with you in DC. And we will hire Barack Obama as our very first bouncer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i love the cape