Eating Crumbs Cupcakes Helped Me Fit Into This Dress, and They Can Help YOU, Too!

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This past weekend, I brought home treats from the co-best cupcake shop in the world, Crumbs Bake Shop. (I say co-best, because while Magnolia cupcakes are widely regarded as the most intensely wonderful foodstuff to ever be whipped up in a bowl, Crumbs’ certainly have their own charm.) Kamran and I consumed each of the following by cutting them in half, because there was absolutely no way either of us could go on living without tasting all of them:

Kamran on this animation: “It’s like one good thing after another,
and you don’t know where it’s going or for how long.”

Yet today, two people have told me that I look thinner. Even though it’s obviously a total misperception, it’s excellent to hear, since I now have exactly ten days before I need to have lost all five inches to fit into this dress for my best friend, Tracey’s wedding:

Not this dress exactly, though, you know. Mine is black. And still a larger size, despite the five inches. But don’t you just love to watch her swing* around like that? What a great job, right? Put on a pretty dress, fake a smile, and dance around a little.

Which is exactly what I’ll be doing at Tracey’s wedding next week.


*If she doesn’t swing for you, right-click on her and press Play. You won’t regret it.


  1. Tracey says:

    The dress image didn’t show up at all in my reader, and for a while there, I was SO confused.

    • Dammit! You don’t know how much trouble I went to to embed that thing so people wouldn’t have to go to the David’ Bridal website to see it.

      • Tracey says:

        Oh, I saw it just fine once I clicked over to here, which is probably where I should be reading your posts, anyway.

        And boy, is she creepy. I still sorta wish I had just gotten that dress as my wedding dress.

  2. welfy says:

    HOLY CRAP those cupcakes look awesome. It hurts my teeth just looking at them.

    I wish I could have a career of modeling dresses and twirling in them.

    • They’re filled with icing and whatnot, too! It’s a bad, bad thing to have that bakery just down the street from my work, especially since eight hours of sitting in an office really makes me feel like I DESERVE cupcakes.

      Honestly, aside from the constant state of dizziness, that has to be the best job ever. And you’re the right size, too!

  3. natalie says:

    ohh…they just opened a crumbs here in jersey…they look like trouble.

    the dress is cute…but sleeveless apparel puts the fear of god into me…and i’m agnostic.

    • I hope for your sake that the Crumbs is a 15-minute drive down a dark, scary road away from you so it won’t tempt you like it does me.

      I spent 20-some years of my life making fun of fat-armed people in sleeveless shirts, but it’s just too hot here for me to avoid it. However, it’s really going to piss me off when Tracey’s two super-thin bridesmaids look just like that model in their dresses.