Attack of the Gigantic Smiles

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On my way down to Christopher Street for dinner at Agave Saturday night for my friend Bridgette’s birthday celebration, I saw:

a) two things I wrote about in this post

b) An old man waiting for his wife and grown daughter outside of a store called The Pleasure Chest. He looked so awkward standing outside the door and so relieved when his family came through it with their purchases. Or at least I assume it was his wife and daughter. I guess it could’ve been his two prostitutes, picking up supplies for their evening at his behest.

Bridgette’s party was pretty amazing, because

a) it included my three favourite co-workers from my software company who no longer work there:

Bridgette, Beth, me, and LaChantee

b) there was a maple duck confit quesadilla with goat cheese and a fig spread on the menu that LaChantee and I wanted to split, but there was a $5 sharing fee that we were not about to pay, so we just didn’t tell our server about it and felt veeeeeeeeery subversive:

c) I took this picture of Chantee looking like she has a red tumor growing inside of her nose:

d) Bridgette’s friend Sarah and I totally became BFFs. And by that, I mean that I dropped a fork on the ground before she got there and actually told her before she used it to eat her dinner.

Clearly an incredible time was shared by all:


  1. Eric says:

    I checked out your examiner article, pretty cool. In the sidebar I saw another columnist who, judging by her picture (holding up random things just like your picture) and the fact that she is the restaurant critic (the position you wanted), might be your female soul-mate: You’re welcome!

    • I asked her to be my soulmate but haven’t heard back yet. The problem is that I said someone had “recommended” that we might be soulmates. Which doesn’t really make sense. So if she never contacts me, I’m going to assume it’s for that reason and not that I’m an undesirable soulmate.

  2. spaghedeity says:

    I really like your hair at this length.

    That is all.

  3. thickcrust says:

    This posting was brought to you by the American Orthodontics Association. Yours had to be the most perfectly toothed party at Agave that night.

    But damn you! I couldn’t resist the temptation to blacken some of your teeth. I never understood why people do that to all the posters on the subway, but now I do. I even put a patch over one of Bridgette’s eyes so she’d look like a pirate. It’s really funny.

    Now I have permanent black marks all over my computer screen. I hope our IT guy can help!

    • Ha, good luck with that. Being that your IT guy spends his days at work eating crayons and frequently gets lost trying to find his way out of the server room.

      • thickcrust says:

        For the last time: it’s not like he THOUGHT it was a crayon when he decided to eat it. He thought it was a colored pencil. Not that I have any idea why a person would want to eat a colored pencil, but be fair to the man.