Anoop Desai, My Indian-American Idol

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I’ve never been a person who actively tries to watch “American Idol”, but while my best friend Tracey and I were snowed in at her house last week, we watched her TiVoed episodes to pass the time, and I’ll admit that I sort of got hooked. So much so that when my friend Beth invited me to a movie tonight, I had to weigh whether her friendship or my new favorite show was more important.

This is the reason:

Anoop Desai, Cocoa-Skinned Dreamboat with a Weird Tongue Affliction That I Am So Into

My love for him grew so rapidly from the first time I laid eyes on him that when I first YouTubed his name, there was absolutely nothing there but a bunch of old videos of him soloing in his college singing group, the Clef Hangers:

Get it? CLEF Hangers? And Anoop is obviously so clever that I’m sure he made the name up himself. I’m also sure he dated every last one of those screaming white girls in the audience, but that doesn’t tarnish him at all for me. Just look at his geektastic audition, which I stole from this guy:

I’ve already threatened to leave Kamran for him, and I’m already predicting him as the winner of “American Idol” Season 8. Or at least as the winner OF MY HEART.



  1. lemon says:

    i know! i love him!

  2. Beth says:

    I’m offended! You were going to give up the intellectually stimulating uber-depressing movie with the lovely Kate Winslet (not to mention my awesome company for the evening) — to watch American Idol?!?!?

    Hmmm, maybe I will ditch you for the CSI re-run tonight!

    How about that?!?


    • Roxanne informs me that it’s not on tonight, so you’re safe no matter what.

      And ANYWAY, I chose you in the end, didn’t I? Now buy my dinner to pay me back for my devotion.

  3. Beth says:

    I know, I got sucked in this year for the first time, too. Right now is especially terrible since it’s on twice a week (it’s not always on twice a week, is it?). That guy is good, but I have too root for Adam Lambert since I know him. Woo!

    • I actually thought it was on three times a week, but I guess it’s just twice. But yeah, it goes on like this the whole season. Eventually they’ll start doing one night of just singing and then one night of kicking people off. SO LAME. And yet I can’t not watch.

      Funny–Adam is clearly the hottest guy on the show, and so naturally I can’t love him just because I know all the other girls do. It also bothers me that he looks like a member of Fall Out Boy but sings like a Backstreet Boy. My head spins. I can’t imagine that he’ll get kicked off any time soon, though.

  4. Beth says:

    Oh god, two nights a week for the whole season? What have I gotten myself into?!

    And all the guys love him, too. It’s so weird, because in high school he was kind of this chubby, red-haired, freckly drama kid, and now he’s like…all swoopy black hair and fancy boots. We weren’t terribly close, but I am still strangely really proud of him! I think we all expected him to be on the show (or on Broadway) a long time ago.

    • All those swoopy black hair guys are all the same: making up for lost time. I’ll bet Adam’s making up for it reeeeeal good, though, with fancy boots like that.

      You will not regret this.

  5. Tracey says:

    I would have imagined your favorite singer was the guy who said he wanted it so bad, he could feel it on his skin.

    I’m rooting for Norman Gentle.

    • OMG, I loved that “feel it on my skin” monologue so much. I mean, I hate crybabies, but seriously, I felt him at that moment.

      You know I like it rough.

  6. lemon says:

    can you believe that they barely showed him in the group round except for that little promotional bit at the end!
    i was appalled!!

  7. Kim says:

    See? Continuing to make my way through your posts as promised. I never meant to fall behind.
    Um, right, American Idol. I also loved Anoop and so did Jen. We’re banking on him coming back in the Wildcard round, I kind of can’t believe I’m even vaguely invested, but I sort of am, due in large part, somehow, to Twilight and Edward Cullen and Adam Lambert and mass quantities of bourbon, after tonight.
    The older I get, the lamer I get. I’m embracing.
    Anoop ftw!


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