White Wedding (Literally)

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This pretty much sums up my trip home to Ohio and then on to Kentucky to see my only sister get married:



Super fun happy sister time! (with gum)

A seriously excited, seriously lovely bride.

A lengthy rundown complete with 10,000 photos to follow.


  1. Tracey says:

    I’m glad you got such a cute picture of Joanie, since the only two or three I got ended up with the kind of red-eye you can’t even edit.

    When are you going to post the mp3 audio of your Dad’s singing?

    • That was, like, the only decent one of her I got, though. I don’t know what I was thinking not making her legitimately pose for me. All of the ones I have are either blurry because I refuse to use flash or have a bunch of tables and chairs in them.

  2. Karinya says:

    Aw, that last picture makes me happy.

    And the ice one is amazing.

  3. Emily says:

    That ice picture is so pretty! Why can’t we have ice in Texas? No love for winter here, that’s why. Texas, why you gotta hate?

    • You must be down south let me guess Houston? or S.A.?
      I’m in Dallas and there’s ice at times.

      One day the week before last I didn’t drive to work I slid down the highway…No shortage of ice on the highway (and no shortage of TX folks that don’t know how to drive on ice, I saw about 12 accidents in 1 day)

      Other than that there’s usually plenty of ice in my drink (Belvedere Vodka & Cranberry).

      • Emily says:

        Close. I’m in Austin. I spend a lot of time driving between Dallas and Austin and I’ve noticed that Waco is the dividing line between Texans Who Get A Winter and Texans Who Are SOL In The Winter Department. Many of the times that I’ve been driving from Dallas to Austin during the winter and there’s snow and/or ice, it turns into rain right as I’m passing through Waco. We do get ice in Austin maybe once or twice every other year or so, and snow comes maybe once every four years. About a month or two ago, it was 83 degrees during the day, then the temperature plummeted and it got down into the 20s by 10 pm, and it snowed for half an hour around 11 pm. Of course, it all melted away within a few minutes because the ground was still too warm to hold it, but hey…that was our token winter experience this year.

        • That’s the crazy thing about TX, the weather is warm during the day 70 then goes to 40 during the nights WTF is up with that?

          Recently I was driving it started to drizzle (a misty drizzle, no drops) and as soon as the mist touched my windshield it froze over in less than a millisecond,
          I had to pull over.

          What’s up with 6th street in Austin I hear that’s the place to be? I’m driving down to Austin & San Ant soon and I want to party like a Rock Star! Let me know the hot spots.

          • Emily says:

            Well, it depends: are you…
            a) a drunken frat rat?
            b) a drunken sorostitute?
            c) a drunken tourist who *wishes* he was still in college?

            If you answered “yes” to any of the above, 6th St. is the perfect place for you.

            If you did not answer “yes” to any of the above, 6th St. is an annoying, smelly, crowded waste of time. The only redeeming qualities to 6th St. for real human beings are the following:

            *Alamo Drafthouse – famous movie theatre with a full service menu and bar that is known for its zany film events and awesome food (www.alamodrafthouse.com)

            *Buffalo Billiards – a laid back bar with lots of games such as shuffleboard, foosball, and (obviously) billiards.

            *The Parish – a gorgeous music venue with an eclectic mix of shows; there’s also a tasty cajun restaurant downstairs

            *Casino El Camino – dark, seedy-looking bar with mouth-watering burgers and TONS of character

            *Esther’s Follies – historic comedy club

            *Emo’s – famous music venue

            *Actually, there are some other pretty good restaurants on 6th St, too. But the bars on 6th are shit.

            What are your interests? I can more intelligently recommend hot spots if I know what kind of activities you enjoy.

            • I’m definitely not the drunk frat boy or trying to gain back college days back again type of guy, lol/

              Activities I enjoy….let me think…

              Ah…I enjoy good food & music (please Lord no country music!!).
              I also enjoy drinking (most of the time I can put my glass down before all the women in the bar start to look like Angelina Jolie).

              But most importantly I really enjoy women that like to have a good time (a woman that takes tequila shots & whose favorite drink is jack and coke).

              Also since this is the closest I’ve been to Mexico, I would not mind going to a bar where the illegal ladies frequent…I’m looking for a low cost maid/sex slave.

              • Emily says:

                There are a lot of great restaurants in Austin, with food from pretty much any part of the world. austin360.com has a pretty comprehensive restaurant guide, but I’m also happy to recommend specific places if you are looking for particular kinds of food.

                Most of the worthwhile music venues are on Red River – Emo’s, Stubb’s, Club DeVille, Beauty Bar, Mohawk, etc. – but there are others elsewhere. And the good DJ venues…good Lord, they’re scattered all over the place. So…your best bet for music is to peruse showlistaustin.com and do512.com to see what shows are going on while you’re in town.

                As for the low-cost maid/sex slave, that’s a bit trickier. Don’t get me wrong, Austin is overflowing with illegals. The problem is finding them. They like to stick to their ilk, or chase after the rich dudes. To catch one, you’ll have to venture over to east Austin and find yourself the diviest dive Mexican cantina shithole-in-the-wall you can find. Sidle up next to the Mamasita of your choosing, but pretend not to notice her. Then, shout out, “Cuidado! INS!” In the chaos of everyone scrambling for the door, pull your Chick-Net out of your man purse and throw it over your Madritasita. Once she’s caught in the net, it’s easy to throw her over your shoulder, stow her away in your basement (or in your case, since you’re just visiting, the hotel bathroom), and pull a Stockholm Syndrome on her. It helps if you know Spanish.

                I’m sure there are other ways to go about it, but that’s how I do it, anyway.

  4. Nicole says:

    Joanie looks so happy! What a great picture. I can’t wait to read more.