The Shy Little Coconut Boy

Filed under creepy boyfriend obsession

This is a video of Kamran personifying a coconut while we were at the grocery store one Sunday afternoon. (I hate it when people say simply grocery instead of grocery store.) This coconut act was super-hilarious at the time to me, as evidenced by all of the snorting I’m doing behind the camera to hold in my laughter. Now I mostly just like it because Kamran looks amazingly cute at the end.


  1. Mr. Used Underpants says:

    I want you to know that your post made me look up the difference between “personify” and “anthropomorphize”.

    it would seem, Ms. Ett, that just as soon as I found out a way to circumvent Carpal Tunnel via typing in the WHOLE url to your blog, you make my type out numerous polysyllabic words!

    *shakes angry fist*

    • Wait, now you made me type out numerous polysyllabic words. What IS the difference?

      Wikipedia tells me, “Anthropomorphism is a particular form of personification which gives [human-like] traits to tangible objects or natural phenomena.” But . . . that doesn’t seem any less general than personification.