The Best Christmas Present Possible, Just in Time for My Two-Week Trip to the Farm

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Doctor Boyfriend surprised me yesterday with a little pre-Christmas gift, even though the poor boy is in the midst of law school finals and can barely remember to eat, let alone cater to the whims of his whiny ladyfriend. And it happened to be just what I wanted, despite the fact that I haven’t mentioned the thing to him since we first saw it.

It’s the hen purse from our visit to Pylones in a horrible cameraphone photo!

Soooooooo happy. Maybe I’ll even let him off the hook when it comes to buying me a Wii for Christmas.


  1. Sonya says:

    Wow!!! Kamran knows you so well!!

  2. Tracey says:

    I am sooo in love with that thing. You’ll be the most popular girl at Archiver’s with it.

    • Too bad all I can think of when I hear that name is Mister Rogers. And too bad that while I was searching for an awesome Henrietta Pussycat clip to link you to, I found this. And will have that damned song stuck in my head all night.

      Still, it’s things like that that make me really appreciate the Internet.

  3. Kelly says:

    Jesus, I’m a dumbass. I got so twitterpated I hit enter and posted my unfinished comment.

    Right then.


    HENRIETTA’S TWIN!!!!!!!!

    See, it’s all part of my diabolical plan to be just like you. I got the hen purse in advance, you see, because I knew you would get one eventually, since you found out about them first and all.

    Or whatever…

    • Oh, weird, I didn’t see this comment before and just thought that was an accent next to the A up there. Like you wanted it to be pronounced hen-rie-ett-AHHH.

      Maybe they don’t have to be twins, though. Maybe I’ll discover mine is a rooster and name it Henry, and then when we meet up to play on our matching DSs, they’ll have chicken sex and make little chick coinpurses to fit in our hen handbags.

  4. spaghedeity says:

    A Wii? You’ve conquered the gaming industry in a matter of weeks.

    So what’s Kamran getting me for Christmas?

    • Oh, crap, do you think my sudden need for games is an indication that life is weighing too heavily on me? That I’m unable to cope with the harshness of winter in this barren city and am doing anything I can to escape Jesus, Aaron, thanks for bringing this up right before my vacation. Now how am I supposed to enjoy the 84 hours of straight MarioKarting I had planned with Tracey when I get to Ohio tomorrow?

      Kamran’s giving you HIV, just for that.

  5. meredith says:

    There’s probably no better way for you to gather eggs from the chicken coop to bring them inside…