It should be noted that the HR guy who called me is also the one who’s keeping me from getting the raise I was promised in July.

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I was made to plan my company’s holiday party against my will.  Apparently having a holiday party at all is a rarity in NYC–New York magazine reported that 2/3 of them have been canceled–but having a holiday party after a huge layoff must be even rarer.  I wasn’t pumped to plan this bitch in the first place, but once my best work-friend, Sonya, lost her job and I lost my party-planning partner, I was done.

So I naturally hired someone else to do and told her just to make it all go down right there in the office.  The woman came in today with her $2500 worth of decorations with the intent of turning the reception desk into our open bar.  And then corporate HR called and told me that events held in the office can’t involve alcohol.



  1. Adam says:

    But what if the event were held in the hallway? Are you going to tell people this before they arrive? I hope not. I don’t think anyone will really miss it. Just be sure that the snack that were promised are delivered. Have fun!

    • The planner told me she’ll concoct some eggnog drinks that will lead people to believe they’re getting drunk, but I think you’re right–pigs in a blanket will be the party’s saving grace.

  2. Tracey says:

    You’re not supposed to still be thinking about this junk once you’re at home. Time to go back to working retail, where you can forget about your job as soon as you leave!

    • Oh, god, Tracey, you know I think that daily. I actually didn’t sleep at all last night because when the uptown office merged with ours last week, they brought a million boxes of office supplies with them, and we had to unpack and sort them all yesterday. When I left, there were giant boxes of crap strewn all over the reception area, and I knew the party planner was going to FLIP OUT if she came in and saw them. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to get them moved and how much it was going to suck to have to ask everyone to help me. THESE THINGS SHOULD NOT BE MY PROBLEM.

  3. Kelly says:

    SONYA got the axe?!?! With you being the only cute girl there now (duh), their cute quotient is now at critical levels.


    • They pretty much laid off the bottom rung of every department, and poor Sonya was the marketing assistant. Meaning the one who actually did all the work.

      Luckily, we have many 22-year-old interns to help out with the cute, but I do appreciate your concern and compliments.

  4. Nice, no drinks at a RD Holiday sorry I mean an OTC Holiday party isn’t that strange. Hail Canada.

    OTC folks are butt-heads.

    Damn I miss the old days of heavy boozing and tequila shots at the office parties then trying to sex up the cute female employees.

    Be sure so set an Outlook reminder to duck when the next round of layoff start in spring 2009.