Who’s Up for Some CRAB BOIL?

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To two seafood-haters, the existence of treats like this in a mid-Ohio Walmart seems ridiculous:

Tracey looks way less grossed out in this photo than she really feels.

Seriously, who in Ohio is buying this sort of thing?


  1. Serial says:

    See, here in Orry-gone, it’s Dungeness crab season.

  2. ysha says:

    Ok, I’m not in OH, but in KY, and I buy that stuff! It’s just a packet of seasonings, I use it when I boil shrimp.

  3. This looks like some Sandra Lee shit where it’s 70% fresh, and 30% homemade. I mean, how retarded does one have to be culinary-wise to NOT know how to Boil Crab?

    also, after looking it up, it’s apparently the SEASONING used when cooking shellfish and crustaceans. Nevertheless, I’d still argue that if the quality/freshness of your crab is good enough, all you should need is some sea salt to boil it in and some clarified butter in which to dip it.

    • God, I love how much of a snob you are now. I can just see you as a guest on the Ohio episode of “No Reservations”, sitting around with Tony and talking about how superior you are with your lack of Crab Boil seasonings.

  4. Smail says:

    Obviously all the Louisiana ex-pats. Zatarain’s is frickin’ huge down here. Salt + butter is way to mild for these coonasses. They need something with some bite. Like Zatarain’s!

    PS: If you’re wondering, it’s pronounced ZAT-uh-ran-zz

    • Sarah says:

      Plus, they use it on crawfish, which taste awful without large amounts of seasoning.

    • You’re telling me you don’t remember the Zatarain’s commercials from all your time in Ohio? I distinctly remember a black man playing a woodwind instrument in all of them, though I’d never actually paid attention to the products in the store.

      You really need to return to your roots, son.

  5. Wow….really!! Its seasoning?
    Amazing, didn’t know.

    So its really not used to get rid of crabs….

    I feel so silly now for making women take a bath in the stuff before getting any of my amazin’ porno star lovin.