Sooooo Many Photos of Me and a Boy You Barely Know

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I don’t want to steal all of Aaron the Australian‘s thunder, but if he’s going to choose spending time with the boyfriend he hasn’t seen in a month over posting photos of us, then screw ‘im.

The bull on Wall Street! And us looking super-hot, right?

Me, not afraid to show the heart-wrenching pain I was experiencing at the World Trade Center site.

Aaron on the Staten Island Ferry (post spitting on that guy), sticking his tongue out at our symbol of American freedom.

I wanted to play hand-clapping games with Aaron in the subway but was DISMISSED.

Aaron at the site of the Fat Girls Only chair.

Me in the Former Slaveowners Only chair. Which was right next to the Rosa Parks Only chair.

Aaron and me looking amaaaaazingly cool smoking chocolate cigarettes at my friend Emily’s house party.
Right before we played charades and looked considerably less cool.

Aaron and I kept seeing this ad on subway platforms and wondered if this girl had killed herself out of embarrassment yet.

In case you forgot Aaron’s gay, these photos from the Toys R Us in Times Square should remind you.

Aaron made me take, like, five of these pictures, and this taxi driver got pissed off, because he thought Aaron was trying to hail a cab.

Aaron is making this face because he was trying to pee his pants for lack of being able to find a restroom,
and the stream froze his pants to his legs at this very moment.

Aaron tries his very first Magnolia Cupcake, while I pose with my banana pudding next to the store with the greatest name in history.
Seriously, it’s called PANTS AND . . . !.

Fun times in the NBC Experience store at Rockefeller Center.

Hey, guess who’s NOT ambiguously gay?

The light room at the Top of the Rock, which is probably more interesting than the view of NYC you’re paying $20 for.


My elusive roommate, Wen, actually went out to dinner with us one night. Orgies abounded!

There was also a dinner at Serendipity with Kamran one night, which was disappointingly not awkward and which Kamran so generous paid for. And looooooong conversations about why visiting me was inexplicably SO MUCH BETTER than visiting Beth in Chicago recently. And then, with a kiss on the cheek, Aaron left me on Tuesday morning, never to be seen again. Except for when he visits again in a month. Whatever.

Please note that all of these photographs were taken on Aaron’s camera and may not express the views of this blog and its author.


  1. Tracey says:

    1. We can play all the hand-clapping games you want when you’re here next week.

    2. PANTS And…! is totally the store I was looking for at Rockefeller Center but couldn’t remember the name! Did you go inside and look for the scrapbook I wanted?

    3. Why is Wen willing to meet and talk to and hang out with everyone but me?!

    • 1. Aaron finally relented and turned out to be much better than I am at that one hand-clapping game you and I play all the time. So I naturally lost interest.

      2. No way! I go by that place EVERY SINGLE DAY when I pick Kamran up. It’s now right next to the new Magnolia Bakery. Incredible! I could seriously go pick you up another scrapbook tomorrow night, if you want. Lemme know.

      3. There’s too much pressure, baby. He knows everything about you and is INTIMIDATED. Also: he’s secretly gay and thought Aaron was hawt.

  2. 1st Bull pic: I see that Aaron loves his “Tea” in a “Bag”.

    2nd Bull pic: Aaron get your hand out of that Bull’s Ass Crack!

    WTC pic: Katie looks like you were having a bad gas moment.

    4th Pic: Please tell Aaron to put that thing away. I don’t know where its been.

    5th Pic: You need to be starting that prayer off with…”Forgive me Father for what I did with Kamran and Aaron last night and please forgive me for videotaping it.”

    6th Pic: What? Was the “Flamboyantly Gay” chair taken?

    7th Pic: When I see you Katie I will kick 40 acres and a mule out of your ass!!

    8th Pic: You do realize the pretend smoking can lead to pretend lung cancer right? Not to mention putting Emily in danger by all that pretend 2nd hand smoke.

    I haven’t posted on your blog in a while so I wanted to make up by having a really long post.

    Much Luv Katie, Safe travels Aaron.

  3. spaghedeity says:

    Oh, thanks. Now I’m an entry-repeater.

    I love how we chose the same photos to use, though. Probably because we both have good taste. Probably because you’re gay. And probably because you think I’m hawt. You’re like the Wen that isn’t in the (quite literal) closet.

    This comment, like this entry, makes no sense. It’s a series of unrelated events mashed together. Purple monkey dishwasher.

  4. caropal says:

    You do realize that the only logical solution to this Jealousy Conundrum is to have the two of US visit each other, and talk about how we’re so much better than Aaron, correct?