An Extra Chromosome of Cute

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I was running out to meet Dr. Boyfriend for dinner last night and passed a guy with the cuuuuutest dog ever standing in the park outside of Kamran’s apartment building. He was this muscular blonde gay guy who obviously just bought the dog to pick up other muscular blonde gay guys, but I can respect that. I really wanted to pet the thing, but Kamran’s sadly allergic, so I passed by without a touch, knowing that I’d later Google the thing and ogle pictures of its breed.

The first picture I found?:

Sooooo cute, right? When I showed Kamran, he said, “It looks retarded! It’s like it has an extra chromosome of cute.”


  1. spaghedeity says:

    Down syndrome never looked so darn good. Trisomy cute!

    • Tracey totally recommended a link to the dolls, as well, but I think I’m a centimeter too nice for that. I’m really surprised they didn’t find it themselves, though. And a little sad.

  2. Mr. Used Underpants says:

    Psssht, we’re getting a dog tomorrow and it will be totally cuter that that…

    ..even without the muscular gay guys

  3. Rori says:

    We did get a dog, and he is way cuter! Well, at least we think he is, which is a good thing.

  4. Alison says:

    May I suggest you and spaghdeity take the time to read this :


    • Adam says:

      While your intentions are honorable, I think your campaign is a lost cause for the simple reason that the English word “retard” is silly sounding. Just like hernias, hemorrhoids, and diarrhea are serious medical conditions that shouldn’t be taken lightly, they have combinations of letters that sound funny.

  5. Alison says:

    My daughter has a chromosome affection which seriously affects her health.
    Your jokes about extra chromosomes are offensive. What is it about this dog which resembles my daughter?
    I would be grateful if you would
    1. have the balls to NOT ignore this comment, this time
    2. answer my question about what is so funny?

  6. PeggyStClair says:

    I want to tell youonce my brother madea comment like that about a special ed bus of children.My daughter was an infant then.I reminded him that one day she would ride that bus.He took back what he said. Grace is the most loving person and unless you hurt her she knows no bad in people. Rethink what you say or it may be your child that God blesses with a disability and then how cute would your remarks be.
    I think people who make fun of the unknown need to spend time with them and learn from their stupid remarks.

  7. Alison says:


    The word no one likes, the word no mother or father wants to hear when a doctor is talking about their child. The word most people use when talking about something they dislike, or when referring to someone they see as less of a person. The word children are allowed to use in their daily vocabulary when talking about someone or even something they don’t like. No one likes this word, no one wants to be called retarded. People hate the word retarded.
    Here is the definition of the word.
    “Mental retardation is a generalized, or triarchic, disorder, characterized by subaverage cognitive functioning and deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors with onset before the age of 18. Once focused almost entirely on cognition, the definition now includes both a component relating to mental functioning and one relating to the individual’s functional skills in their environment.”
    So many people use the word retarded as slang.
    To some of us it is personal, to some of us it is our children, our precious babies whom we love as much as any mother loves her precious child.
    For some of us retarded is a word that involves our every day lives.
    There isn’t a joke involved, and there is no hate.
    For some of us retarded brings us more love that we wouldn’t have had the privilege of knowing otherwise.
    This horrifying word to most people has made some of us stronger, better, and given us deeper lives. We all remember the first time the doctor used that word when talking about our child, maybe it was straight from their mouth, or in a medical report. We remember the day, the moment, but that child is the same child we fell in love with in our womb.
    The word retarded hasnt changed our love, in fact its made it bigger, and made us better.
    Next time you want to use or hear someone use the word retarded in a derogatory way, remember those of us who have been forever changed, and be changed too.
    Remember those perfectly different people who see the world through the eyes of precious innocence.

    Adam, ‘retarded’ is so much more than just ‘a silly sounding word’

  8. Mr. Common Sense says:

    In fairness, I don’t think anything about the post was pejorative or derogatory towards developmentally disabled people, despite the implication of your several comments. It’s clear that it’s using the term “retarded” in a lighthearted context, and it’s also clear that you take the subject very seriously and, therefore, take offense at couching the term in that context. And you’re entitled to take it seriously! But it seems grossly unfair for you to suggest that there was some sort of malicious or disparaging intent when there clearly wasn’t. When someone says, “I’m starving,” are they insulting the millions of people in the world who are actually suffering from starvation? Is it the fact that it’s a dog? If someone says, “That dog looks like Uncle Marty,” does Marty get all upset? Or is it the mere mention of the term “retarded”? If the post had said “Down’s Syndrome” or “Trisomy” instead of “retarded”, would that have been okay?

    Everybody likes the feeling of righteous indignation, but I think you need to ask yourself what exactly it is you’re indignant over here. Maybe your disdain would be better served on those who are more worthy of it.

  9. PeggyStClair says:

    Yes you have a point. But as parents of children who have developementally and mental delays it has become a big deal with us.People don’t think before they talk .There is all kinds of people out there that are different in some way.We must learn to except them for who they are .My daughter once said “If everyone was blind there would be no prejudice’.She was very right.
    I bet the next time you want to make fun of something yo will use your words differenatly.
    Think also of the last time someone hurt your feelings and what they said.
    Have a wodnerful day God Bless

  10. caropal says:

    Hot dog, I am LOVING these comments. Granted, this is mostly because I am imagining your expression while getting them. This is what happens when you become Blogtastically Famous, lady; you can’t make quasi-offensive comments anymore without someone pointing them out.

    The evolution of your blog should be fun to watch. Ha!

    • Once again, you prove why you are, in fact, my favourite.

      What’s going to be funny is when the dog’s owner finds this entry and comments to explain that the dog is indeed genetically mutated.