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Funny how after the conquering, squashing, crushing, licking, vanquishing defeat of McCain by Obama,

I somehow assumed that the world would automatically be different. That war would cease, abortions would spread like wildfire, and the housing crisis would take a chill pill. But no, there was still fighting on the subway this morning the same as always, convicted felon Ted Stevens still somehow managed to win a Senate spot in Alaska, and as Kamran said:

But hey, at least there’s still rotating meat at street fairs:


  1. Emily says:

    What I really want to know is: now that she’s no longer a VP candidate, will the investigations regarding Palin’s alleged abuse of office as mayor and governor resume? Is there any justice in world?

  2. spaghedeity says:

    Uh, I love being shafted. It’s the Vagina I’m afraid of. We were vagined.

    Also, what’s with the recycling-old-videos-and-passing-them-off-as-new-and-funny? You can’t fool me, Katie Ett.

    • Your next photo project should be surrounding yourself in those rubber vaginas, bagel-style.

      Not EVERYONE stalks me via YouTube like you do, Aaron; most people hadn’t seen that video. Are you going to call me out when I post those Banksy videos later today, too?