I’m off to New Orleans!

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While there for the next three days in the Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, I plan to:

• not gamble

• not sightsee in any way

• not get drunk and show my boobs to anyone

• mostly lie about in my ridiculously-overpriced hotel room, devising ways to steal M&Ms from my minibar

Yaaaaay, work trips!


  1. Kelly says:

    AAAAHHHH SO VERY VERY JEALOUS. Say hi to the city for me.

    • I WILL NOT. I will continue to take notes in casino meeting rooms, eat BBQ in casino restaurants, and not swim in casino pools. The sales team is taking us out for drinks tonight at a place called Ray’s Boom Boom Room (what?!), and I am NOT PLEASED.

  2. Karinya says:

    My daughter? NEVER allowed to go to Nola. I know what happens to nice midwestern girls in that city.

    For serious, be careful. I spent an afternoon in New Orleans and it led to marriage and baby. (I can’t even remember if we were blogfriends when I met Denny, but that’s how & where it all got started.)

    • The morning I left, Kamran told me, “Watch yourself down there, Ett,” and I was like, “Pshw. I live in NYC.” But no! Some of my co-workers witnessed a Saints fan getting his kidneys kicked and his face stomped in the first few hours they were here. Awesome!

      Tell me how it all got started! Oh, I wish I would’ve been around then.

  3. caropal says:

    Are you going to be there for your birthday?

    • I’m scheduled to come home tomorrow, the day before my birthday, but when I brought up how great a riverboat trip would be, my co-worker who planned this event told me that on Thursday, the whole group is going for a dinner cruise. She said, “Stay! Stay!”, but when I called Kamran, he said, “Soooooo you’re rather spend your birthday with your co-workers than your boyfriend?” And I was like, “Of course!” But that didn’t go over well.

      Thanks for paying attention to the important dates in my life.

  4. Smail says:

    Jigga-wha?! You’re gonna be right downtown and right by the Quarter. Live a little!

    • I thought I was right beside Lake Pontchartrain and was all like, “Oh, romantic walks by myself beside the lake late at night! Writing with pen on the shore as the wind blows through my nonexistent hair!” But then I saw that I’m a good three or four miles from the lake. So yeah, looks like I have to be social tonight. We’ll be at Ray’s Boom Boom Room after 8:30, if you want to bring the pregnant wife down for some free drinks.

    • Oh, my god, it’s almost grotesque, isn’t it? Like, you have nothing better to do with your money than buy a Thing hand, a satellite replica, and a framed napkin? I especially love “Walker frequently meets with the Walker Digital brain trust in the seating area of the library, hoping to draw inspiration from the surroundings.” Pompous asshole!

      But you and I, Troy Streglin, we deserve to have all that.

  5. Andrea says:

    happy birthday, my writing friend. may it be filled with smugness and levity.