Yo, who wants to be my date to see a couple of Canadian lesbos?

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Ohmygosh, when did Tegan and Sara get so dykey?! Hothothot.

The first time I heard this, I thought she said, “I just want that kid of yours dead.” And I was like, “I totally relate, Tegan and/or Sara!”

Anyway, I’m going to see them with one of the fashionable German interns from my company on October 5th at Terminal 5, and we totally have an extra ticket that my asshole friend Sonya will sell at face value without any of the Ticketmaster nastiness. So who wants to come?


  1. Tracey says:

    A couple of Canadian TWIN lesbos at that! I wish I could come with you! They’re coming here, but I don’t like the idea of seeing them in any other way but while holding hands with you.

    • Yeah, you should totally fly me home that night for my birthday. AND buy my ticket. Because I plan to make up for our giftless Christmas by putting you out on the street celebrating my birth.

      • Tracey says:

        Isn’t someone already wearing an “Ohio Loves Me” t-shirt and a “World’s Best Pirate” button?

        Besides, I think I’m too poor to buy my own ticket for that concert.

        • Oh, shit! This is why I like to take my gift-opening slowly. I’ve already forgotten that those were birthday gifts and not just I-love-you-Katie gifts and am totally expecting more from you come October 9th.

  2. Emily says:

    OMG, I would totally come with you if I were in NYC. The 33.333% of me that is lesbian is totally in love with them.

    • What’s the other 66.666% of you?

      • Emily says:

        Well, 33.333% of me is straight and the remaining 33.333% of me just hates everyone equally.

        For instance, this is my reaction to their matching haircuts:

        Lesbian me: Who knew that mullets could *ever* be hot?
        Straight me: Haha! Tegan and Sara are redneck fags!

        • If I could wear a mullet like that, you know I would. Except that while it’s obviously ironic on them, everyone would sort of expect it from me.

          I know it’s the Canadian part that really pisses off misanthropic you.

  3. Todd says:

    I would just like to reiterate one more time that if it had been up to me, you would have been into Tegan and Sara about six months to a year before you actually did, but because you totally dismiss my musical taste, you missed out. Which is really to say that I’m totally jealous you get to go and I don’t, because they’d totally be worth the claustrophobia to go see. Which is really to say that you’re a jerkface and I hate you.

  4. Serial says:

    I do I do!

    [checks ticket prices from oregon]

    Oh. Just kidding.

  5. Erin says:

    Oh. Man. Katie. YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT T&S.

    Both of them need to be my girlfriend. Maybe if they saw me with you they’d get all jealous and want to get with me?

    Would you take a punch from Tegan if it meant I got to make out with her?

    You’re such a good friend.

    • Of course you do. They’re required listening, right?

      I don’t know if you’re allowed to have Tegan or not, ’cause I don’t know which is which. I want the manlier one. As in the one walking around the hallways in this video. Does that work for you?

  6. Nastassia says:

    I just noticed the ribbons on the potatoes in your banner say Circleville Pumpkin show on them!!!
    I totally went there when I attended OSU and my city-self just couldn’t believe that such a place ACTUALLY existed in real life!
    ….aaaanndd now I realize I only really comment on your blog when I’m too delirious to sound even remotely sane.

    • That’s 10 minutes from my hometown! I wonder if I was there the same day you were; we probably passed each other, and I was probably like, “Whoa, there’s a non-white person here!”

      Do you remember what you ate? That’s the only reason to go, really.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear Katie:

    First, you gave me Mrs. Children, and I broke my back for you.

    And now, you give me “I’m not unfaithful, but I’ll stray.”

    Whatever did you do with your framed Irish authors, anyway?

    • Dear Clay:

      Have you heard Mrs. Children lately? They’re a different band and not in a good way. But I really want to listen to that EP now.

      As romantic as the “I’m not unfaithful” line is, I don’t think it has anything to do with me. Sorry to spoil the threesome you and your wife were planning.

      My Irish friends are still at home with my parents. One of these days, I’ll admit that I’m going to be here for a while and move all of my stuff to my apartment. In the meantime, my dad’s enjoying Joyce.