My Last Trip to Ohio in Ten Words and Eighty Pictures

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I’m leaving for a week in my home state of Ohio tomorrow night at 7:45 p.m. To give you an idea of how that might look, here’s some photographic evidence from my last weekend trip back in April:

I went dancing at Skully’s Music-Diner with some of my best old friends from, including my best best friend, Tracey:

It was totally raining, but we still managed to look TOTALLY BADASS, no?:

Tracey and I attempted boob-touching photos, but people kept trying to cover the camera at the last moment to keep our sin hidden from the world. Still, we’d say we prevailed:

Then I watched my grandmother–who is like the exact opposite of me when it comes to being able to tan, right?–get married in my old hometown church:

and spent some quality time with my family, including my dad–who is a farmer and has an excuse for being creepily tan–:

and my little sister, who let me take lame engagementy photos of her and her fiancee:

Then Tracey and I went to our friend-since-we-were-born Katie’s baby shower and made a mockery of the whole thing by pretending the baby shower was actually for me:

and by possibly making out with her husband:

This time, I have more dancing, my cousin’s wedding, pin-curling my hair with my old college roommate, visiting Katie’s baby, going to as many superstores as I can with Tracey to make up for half a year of shopping in tiny bodegas, and generally thinking about how much more time I’d have to be creative if I lived in Ohio.


  1. Mr. Used Underpants says:

    that was not 10 words, nor were there 80 pictures.

    but what I’m really put off by is the darkness going on in the boob picture. I expected more.

  2. caropal says:

    WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY would anybody try to hide that awesomeawesome sin?!

  3. Charles "IT Guy" Robinson says:

    I’d like to offer my skills as a photographer to you and Tracey. I have a studio, professional camera, backdrops, lighting, make-up artist, sound system & bottles of Patron sitting in ice (to set the mood).

    Blocking the photo..WTF? I guess guys in Ohio watch too much Oprah!

    Please bring some Testosterone to Ohio for those guys would ya!

  4. Andrea says:

    heh, I just wrote a little blogaroo the other day about the buckeye state. i can’t act like i don’t love to go back and visit.

  5. Cow says:

    We should meet up for boozin

  6. Tracey says:

    I’m so glad everyone in your family gets married and makes you come home for the weddings.

    It makes me hope they all get divorced and re-married next year.

  7. patty from lj where you left us says:

    Your dad is effing adorable.

  8. Nicole M says:

    Joanie engaged? Katie with a baby?

    What has this world come to? Are we all old enough to be making these decisions?!

    Wait…we are like 27,26,25. Crap, nevermind.