Candy Corn Fire!

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This stop-motion video is so neat I almost cried over my lack of creativity:

The cutting up the Rubik’s Cube was the part that really got me.

Thanks to Meagan over at Fancy Island for bringing it to my attention. And by “bring it to my attention”, I mean “putting it in her blog with absolutely no specific intention of my seeing it”.


  1. Tracey says:

    OH! I’ve seen that, but I forgot it existed!

    I can’t help but think that I would rather see life in the reverse way, though. Where food items replace non-food items.

  2. Charles "IT Guy" Robinson says:

    The title of this post could have easily been…. “Post-it Note Butter”! But the candy corn fire was nutz!

  3. Mr. Used Underpants says:

    I figured out how he did everything but the boiling water (which is obviously bubble wrap)

    and Jesus H, the placing for the grated yarn must have taken a Loooooong time.

  4. caropal says:

    Saw this, thought of you.