Restaurant Review: Pommes Frites

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If there’s one thing I appreciate about New York City, it’s that despite the fact that everyone here is thin, everything begs us to be fat. A Salt & Battery in the West Village, for instance, has a daily menu that includes deep-fried candy bars. Which is, you know, the sort of thing you should only be able to get once a year at a county fair if you don’t want to have a heart attack and die at age 32.

And even worse is Pommes Frites, which is an entire restaurant devoted solely to french fries covered in your choice of 25 different sauces. The fries come in cones that are listed as Regular, Large, and Double but should be called Enough for Two, Enough for Twelve, and Enough for the Entire Neighborhood. They’re the giant Belgian fries that you think will be super-mushy but are actually plenty crunchy, even when drowned in Pomegranate Teriyaki Mayo. If you’re looking for recommendations, Kamran enjoys the War Sauce, and I’m a fan of the Wasabi Mayo, though be warned that it will burn your face off. The fry guys are very friendly and will let you try the sauces before you decide on one, so don’t be afraid to sample.

The restaurant itself is a tiny little sliver of a room with the counter up front and a couple of picnic tables in the back. It’s very dark and cozy but usually so crowded that we end up eating outside, either sitting in the two wooden chairs they’ve provided or standing in front of the convenience store next door with the surprisingly impressive array of foreign beers displayed in its window. Like so:

Put this on your List of Things to Do with Katie When I Visit Her.


  1. Kelly says:

    Things to Do When I Visit Katie:
    1. POMMES FRITES (straight from airport)
    2. Buy hen purse
    3. Take funny pictures in subway
    4. Take my very own “KamKat making funny faces” picture
    5. Witness, in person, the majesty that is the pig butt earbuds

  2. Tracey says:

    Your hair always looks so pretty when it’s raining outside. I would trade all the fries in the world for smooth hair in rainy weather.

    Wait, that’s a lie. I want fries!

  3. Nastassia says:

    Somehow, the line: “The umbrella-holder is totally a man!” made me chuckle incessantly like a creepy mental patient.

    Slightly more on topic…I am totally in looove with Pommes-Frites…and I’ve only been there once! We should go on a field trip there…and then stop off at your house to play cards.