My Boyfriend is More Than Well Above Average

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Today, Gmail chat, 3:15 p.m.:

In case you need a reminder:

Now, I should mention that Kamran has been working out every single morning for months and that this picture was taken well before he got ripped, but you get the idea.


  1. lasalebete says:

    oh my gosh–the horse tattoo! awesome.

    • Last weekend at the last McCarren Park Pool Party, they were handing out Scion (yeah, like, the car/thing) tattoos, and I guess I got too excited when the girl handed me one, because she asked me if I wanted more and seemed reeeeeeeally into the fact that she thought she’d made my day. Naturally, I wished you were around for me to give them to.

  2. spaghedeity says:

    You know, that was the very first picture I ever saw of Kamran. I remember when you posted it years back.

    Anyway, pictures! I want to see the All New Kamran!

    • Eww, weird, I thought that’d been too embarrassing to post before. Now I need to post the picture of the gigantic bunny again just to offset this and ensure it remains my most posted picture of all time.

      You can’t understand All New Kamran just by viewing a few photos; you need to FEEL him. And you will.

      • spaghedeity says:

        Feel him? Up or down?

        Is there a difference? My hand will be heading for his schlong regardless.

        • As much as I enjoyed seeing this comment twice, I had to delete the repeat for Kamran’s sake. And I may have to delete this one, too, for his parents’ sake. Only time will tell.

          Until then, let’s bask in its warmth, you and me.

          • spaghedeity says:

            Kamran and I are going to have one hell of an awkward first encounter. “Remember the time I said I was going to feel your schlong? And the time I said I would change your diaper? And the time you called my comment snarky?”

            That’s all we’ll be able to talk about. Good Lord. What have I done. I’ve created a monster. The monster being our relationship.