Guess Who Took a Picture of Don Cheadle’s Sexy Thighs

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My friend Sonya, my doctor boyfriend, Kamran, and I took a bus from Kamran’s office in Rockefeller Center to Union Square last Thursday night and then cut down a side street to get to the East Village for dinner. As we were passing by the movie theatre on Broadway, we saw some fancy black cars across the street and flashbulbs going off as someone stepped out of one of them. We continued walking like New Yorkers do but kept our eyes trained on the area in case something was going on that we’d need to brag about to our friends later.

When the person being photographed turned to face us, Sonya said, “Hey, it’s the guy with the big mouth who used to have dreads!” I, of course, had no idea who it was, but Kamran is pretty much an original gangsta and recognized him right away as Busta Rhymes. We crossed the street to get a better look, because while we don’t have any interest in movie stars, we understand that it’s important for our families in Orlando (Sonya), Orange County (Kamran), and OHIO (me) to hear about these sorts of sightings, since they can’t imagine any other advantage to living here.

Out of the next car came Guy Pearce, whose name we couldn’t remember but whom we all knew as “that guy from Memento“. And out of the next car came, most importantly, Don Cheadle, who I totally had a crush on after Crash and totally had a bigger crush on after Hotel Rwanda. So naturally I took out my camera and captured:

Blurry Don Cheadle, who very well might be looking right at me here but we’ll never know for sure so I’ll say he definitely is!

Don Cheadle’s leg beside some lady with a cast!

Don Cheadle in profile!

There were boards with Traitor posters all over them propped behind where the stars were having their photos taken, so they must have been there to premiere the movie, but of course I can’t look it up and have Google start showing “celeb” gossip in my gmail ads. So you should do it for me.

And while I have you here, here’s a List of All the Famous People I Can Remember Having Seen Whilst Living in NYC, complete with highly personal stories, which can now also be found in my sidebar, in case you want to reference it many times in the future.


  1. kylie says:

    omg when did you add that picture from the circleville pumpkin show?!!?! and YES i am more excited by county fair potatoes than don cheadle.

    • I just put it up last week. I knew I wanted a picture in my header but imagined I’d have to have one of my graphic designer friends whip something up for me. But oh no, I just went through my old photos, and there it was, the most perfect picture imaginable. Anyway, Don Cheadle is totally into the Pumpkin Show more than himself.

      • kylie says:

        is one of the prize potato plates yours, or did you just take a picture because you admired the prizewinners so much?

        if don cheadle doesn’t love the pumpkin show more than himself, he’s got some issues, because everyone knows the pumpkin show is the greatest thing on earth.

        • I WISH one of those was mine, but no, I guess I just can’t help loving other people’s superior redneckness.

          Don Cheadle has been growing his own prize-winning pumpkin all summer and will see YOU at the Show.

  2. shinyredtype says:

    I do believe that Daniel Handler’s name should get a mention on your list. But I might be biased!

    • No, you’re right, and I’m glad you mentioned it, ’cause I totally forgot the poor guy. I’m sure his life is rough enough being famous with a pen name without lowly bookstore clerks leaving him out of important lists.

  3. paige lipari says:

    I saw benicio del toro in line at Kim’s a few days ago…who i have had a humongous crush on since fucking excess baggage with alicia silverstone…ahaha!….AND that is NOT real life, but it is and that is why the puzzle will always be incomplete!!! hehhehehe.

    And I agreee- Don Cheadle is so freaking hot. Check out: Manic.

    • Oh, yeah, he was so lovely in 21 Grams/Traffic (same movie, right?). Did you pounce all over him and buy him a copy of Can’t Buy Me Love starring Patrick Dempsey?

  4. paige lipari says:


    • I put the emphasis on the potatoes in my mind when I read this and wondered how you you new they were new potatoes as opposed to some other variety. Then I started wondering what exactly new potatoes are. Then I Wikipediaed it. And I still have no idea.

      But THANKS!, anyway.

  5. Emily says:

    Oddly enough, I didn’t have any celeb sightings in NY. I do, however, have them every year at SXSW. And if you consider indie musicians as being celeb (although, who does?), my list would be about a bajillion pages long. But mostly, I’m just happy that Jason Schwartman asked me where he could check out at Waterloo Records one year.

    • There’s also the question of whether someone’s a celebrity if they only have 5,000 fans.

      But yeah, can you count it if you paid to see them? Or in your case, if it was your job to see them? (Naturally, I still would.)


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