Seen on the Subway: Pure Booze

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This delightful bit of graffiti was on the wall of the L platform at 1st Street:

It’s funny that I didn’t, you know, notice that the Unicef logo on the truck was obscured by the overhead lighting, but I don’t get paid to pay attention, yo.


  1. Serial says:

    I think that the booze reference was really generous, considering how WIDE that kid’s mouth is open.

    Where I come from, there is no shame.

  2. Tracey says:

    For some reason, I totally just imagined us dropping the “E” off of “Booze” and writing the letters for “P-U-R-E B-O-O-Z” on our fingers like we used to with “SEXY STUD”.

    Am I on crack or something?

    • Kamran thought this was such a good idea. Seeing as it’s Customer Service Week at work and all of the VPs from our parent company are in, now is maybe not the time for me. But what a way to make an impression that’ll last on your last day at the museum tomorrow, eh?

  3. caropal says:

    You get paid??

  4. Clockwatcher says:

    I think we talked about this once before, but I think the Circleville Pumpkin Festival is one of the greatest places on earth. Pumkpin doughnuts, pumpkin joes, pumpkin butter. mmmmmm I’m supposed to go home in October…perhaps??

    • Pumpkin fudge, pumpkin burgers, pumpkin elephant ears . . . yeah, it can’t be beat. Every year, we talk about how funny it is that the only point of the thing is to walk around and eat, but hey, I’m not complaining. If I didn’t have weddings to go to in September and November, you can bet I’d use that as my excuse to go home.