I’m Into Leatha

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Stella Zotis is totally my favourite designer on this season’s “Project Runway”.

Not because I’m into her aging rocker clothes or anything but because of this:

Of course she’s from Queens, right?

I’m too lazy to download, convert, and trim the clip myself, but I also highly recommend this video at 3 minutes, 13 seconds in:

I’m not sure I’ve liked a single thing she’s sewn so far, but I sure do hope she keeps getting passed through to the next rounds based on her personality alone.


  1. Tracey says:

    I think the producers of the show like her, too, because she totally deserved to be kicked off after the first episode for sewing together a couple of garbage bags.

    So, why is your “Disabilities are NOT Funny” post considered a “Related Post” to this one? Weird.

    • Yeah, this is maybe the one time when I’ve been pleased that a contestant’s being kept not for her ability but for her drama-inducing. (LISA FROM “TOP CHEF”, I’M LOOKING AT YOU.)

      Both of the posts are tagged “good times at everyone else’s expense”. I feel a little bad for making fun of Stella, but, you know.

      • Tracey says:

        Wow. You feel bad for making fun of Slella? The kids with Down’s Syndrome, however…

        • You said “Down’s Syndrome”! You said “Down’s Syndrome”! You’re totally more British than I am!

          Aren’t you so pleased that it was a guy named Down who discovered the thing? It’s so fitting, ’cause retarded people really get me down, despite the fact that they’re all super-excited all the time.

  2. Adam says:

    The first video you posted has a really bizarre related video. “Letha Weapons” seems to be suffering from a neurological disorder or withdrawal. Or maybe her hemorrhoids are acting up. And her poor left tit! It wants out of the hideous pink get-up so bad.

    • I’ve already watched this video seven times. While at work, of course. But I guess it’s best Jose knows how I am early on. My favourite part is 17 seconds-ish in when she touches herself and then grabs her hair all surprised-like, as if she just remembered that it looks like it belongs on a mangy dog.

      I’m so surprised that so many of those videos exist, though. I suppose that’s sexy to someone, but I watched another one where there wasn’t any music to speak of, and it just seemed depressing. At least this woman seems to be gearing up for a long, cheesy night with Barry White.

  3. Nastassia says:

    Wow, I’m totally in love with the way she says “leatha” too. Real. Attitude. lol

    Tomorrow, Cafe Pick-me-up for writing. You coming or no? (You better be…grrr…)


    • That’s pretty much how you talk, too. Wen and I often sit around watching videos of you that I secretly film on my camera and talking about how weeeeeird your New York accent is.

      I don’t feel like I actually got invited to the café tonight. It seemed like Josh was talking to himself or replying to e-mails I never saw.

  4. kylie says:

    i wish i my cat and my tv were made of leather! and if i were guaranteed to birth kids covered in leather, i might do that, too.