If You Leave a Stupid Ad in a Public Place, We WILL Have Fun with It

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These are the sorts of things we do on weekends to amuse ourselves:


Zig zag.

Zig zag ZOOM!

Kamran’s flailing arms aside, my favourite part of the video is the beginning where I have to tell that woman she can walk in front of the camera. I swear New Yorkers are only polite when they’re being filmed.

Also, I should mention that this is from months ago, just in case you get freaked out by my short hair and the fact that we’re wearing coats in the midst of summer. Because I know our every move affects your emotional health.


  1. spaghedeity says:

    See? You DO have manners! You DO have a soul! I feel so much better about us, now.

    Why is that Kamran is always the one doing all the embarrassing things while you just film him? Isn’t it time you did your fair share?

    I know it’s the future when I see ads that MOVE! We have to check it out when I come to NYC.

    • The problem is that I have too many manners, and I expect people to treat me like I treat them. I ACTUALLY DO BELIEVE that you should do unto others as you’d like them to do unto you . . . but I also reserve the right to kick some ass when someone mistreats me first.

      Kamran is waaaaaaaaay more willing to embarrass himself than I’ll ever be, so I just can’t compete. For your enjoyment:

      Kamoleon Dynamite

  2. wacacow says:

    I just had a dream an indian told me “zig zag, go west”