From the Poo to the Empire

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My boyfriend, Kamran, recently moved from a regular, old associate office into a partner office at the law firm where he does patent whatnot, and late Saturday afternoon, he took me to work to show me how far he’s come.

From the old days in a dark little office where things like this were par for the course:

to this:

The glory! The majesty! Looking out upon the Empire State Building as you write patents and litigate the hell out of anyone who so much as coughs in your direction–that’s how you know you’ve made it!

But even now that he’s sittin’ pretty on top, Kamran will always be a physics-experiments-in-the-lab-lovin’ kind of nerd:

Congratulations, hotstuff.


  1. Karinya says:

    Haha, congrats!

  2. Tracey says:

    BEST PICTURE OF KAMRAN EVER! I nearly spit out my Calorie Countdown low-carb dairy beverage!

  3. Sonya says:

    So.. I think you should make a collage of all of the weird faces Kamran makes and use it for future black mail!

  4. spaghedeity says:

    Wow, Kamran is so impressive and stuff. I feel like a complete loser. I should probably save that last picture next to the one of you at Meredith’s party. The more blackmailing ammunition the better.

  5. caropal says:

    That last picture makes me want to honk his nose, fancy job and office be damned.