Super-Sexy Dance Party!

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In honor of my very first New York City friend moving back to NYC for the summer after leaving us for grad school in Santa Barbara last year, I bring you . . .

An Entry I Meant to Post Months Ago but Totally Forgot About Yaaaaaaay!

Meredith was throwing a dance party at her friend Jordan’s apartment and asked us to bring a mix CD, because Jordan had been robbed twice in one week and was re-building her music collection. Boyfriend Kamran and I were on a huge Phil Collins kick at the time (and at all times), so we thought we were being soooooooooo hilarious by bringing a CD full of our Philfavorites. But they ended up using an iPod dock instead of the mix CDs and only people we didn’t know showed up, so after making all the film-related conversation we could with one of her friends, we started to feel a little like this:

For posterity’s sake, I tried to make it look like I was a part of the group and having a great time

but eventually we gave up on pretending and secluded ourselves in one corner with the iPod and plastic cups full of straight Malibu rum, and things took a turn for the better. Especially when we discovered a cabinet full of delights such as


and then decided that if no one else was going get down, we’d have to make up for it:

Worst video ever? But I love when I say “really get into it!” and then continue the same totally lame dancing.

Meredith finally took notice of our awesomeness after that and had to come over for some scintillating conversation

but then we left, because we didn’t want to be around when Jordan’s apartment got broken into for the third time.



  1. diana says:

    firstly, 4 words….phil collins? really? wow. secondly, i must have you two over so that you can rummage through my household cabinets as well…good times.

    • Maybe you need to watch the video for “Easy Lover” a few more times before you’ll understand. These guys made crazy advancements in black-white relations, no doubt. The bit with the microphone-switching? Brilliant!

      Kamran was a little hesitant about going through Jordan’s cabinets at first, so I think this invitation will really open the door for him, literally and figuratively.

  2. spaghedeity says:

    Just so you know, I saved that second picture to my computer, because it made me cackle. When I think of Katie Ett, I think of this scene.

    I love you.

    • That’s so embarrassing. I thought everyone was under the impression that I’m the super-social center of every party. Little did I know that everyone was shaking their heads, knowing I was slinking back into the darkest corner the first chance I got.

      You just saved it as blackmail for when I get famous, right?

  3. Emily says:

    Wow. Twice in one week? And I thought *I* was having bad financial luck. I guess I’ll stop complaining and just be thankful that I wasn’t robbed twice in one week.

    • It’s interesting to me that anyone robs anyone in NYC. What do I possibly have that anyone could want? A $35 DVD player? A 25″ TV that’s eight years old? A record player and an iPod dock? The neat thing about not owning anything is not having to worry about it, I guess.

      But hey, at least you have a healthy dog and a newfound love of cops, right?

      • Emily says:

        Yeah, I figure that if someone robs me and steals my worthless shit, they are more desperate than I am and are welcome to it. Except my laptop. I seriously need that.

        Not cops, Katie. Cop. Singular. So far I’ve only met one decent one, so I’m willing to chalk it up to anomaly. There’s always an exception to the rule.

        • Yeah, when one of my friends was entering the academy, he was all, “I’m becoming a cop because I love freedom and justice! I want to protect the little guy who needs protecting!” But as soon as he actually became a cop, I realized that he was just in it to be able to conceal a gun in his boot whenever he felt like it.

          Not that I blame him.

  4. Thrift Store Underwear says:

    God no, not James Frey.. then I have to be on Oprah.

    so,, I didn’t really break the swipe card. But, in my defense, those things are freakin’ resilient.

    • When you go on “Oprah”, please re-enact the Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-the-couch moment and get yourself some proper press. That scene will live on in my mind forever.

      The greatest thing about working in the security department of the museum is that when you and your best friend decide to make a scrapbook of all the boys you’ve kissed, you get to print out all the extra-resilient IDs of all the co-workers you kissed and paste them in.

  5. Tracey says:

    OMG CUTE little scarf! And it’s tied ’round your neck so expertly.

  6. Kim says:

    Your photo ‘for posterity’s sake’ just made me laugh for 10 minutes straight.
    Please come to my parties.

    • I especially love that the picture was snapped just as Meredith was about to turn around and say, “Hey, get the hell back to your corner and stop trying to pretend like people like you!”

      Are you moving back here OR WHAT? I’m in need of parties. Especially the kind where I feel really awkward.

      • Kim says:

        Yes ma’am, I’m moving back. So far the only party I have planned for NYC is my big 2-7, during which I will wear a red dress. That’s … the extent of the plan so far.

        Currently apartment/job/money hunting and coming up with creative ways to get down there or somehow not die in the streets post-September 1, which is my move-out day of my current place.

        Thoughts? Know anyone who needs a … Kim?
        Or know anyone with a studio for a grand or less preferably no higher than low 120s (okay, so I think in terms of the East Side … suppose we could go a little higher on the West …)…you know I can’t move to Brooklyn. They won’t have me.

        • Isn’t Carroll Gardens or Cobble Hill or Park Slope much preferable to anything above, say, 105? I can’t imagine you living anywhere in Manhattan where there are elevated trains.

          I asked my co-worker Tomur if he needs a Kim. His roommate is being deported, and he’s a fashionable Asian guy with snotty taste. You two seem like a perfect match, right? He says he’ll keep you in mind, especially since you have hot friends.