Dewy Dripping Boobies

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me: What’s for dinner?
Boyfriend Kamran: I was planning to reheat the remaining chicken and make some more rice and vegetables, but we can do anything else. I’m not 100% sure when I’ll get out of work.
me: Umm . . .
Kamran: Don’t want that? I understand if that’s the case. We could pick up Subway instead, or even go out somewhere.
me: Oh, no, that sounds great. I’m just wondering if I should get something snacky.
Kamran: You should… um… eat some grapes.
me: Do we have some?
Kamran: No.
me: Tease!
me: Boobies! Dewy, dripping boobies!
Kamran: dot com
me: YES.

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    • plumpdumpling says:

      My first thought was “just like your mom”, but I don’t know if we know each other well enough for that sort of thing.

  1. imperfectionist says: