24 Hour Arty People

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My Time Out New York article hit newsstands today! And in case you didn’t recognise that link as corresponding to the article itself, here it is again! And again! No, wait, that wasn’t it. Again!

Interestingly, my blog entry about it–which I posted on Monday but Time Out asked me to remove ten minutes later because the issue wasn’t out yet–was entitled “24-Hour Party People”. So I guess great minds really do think alike. Or at least great minds think of the most obvious title.

I’m totally pleased with the article. Not only did the reporter include the threatening e-mail I wrote him in the first paragraph, but he remembered my singing the Karate Kid song and quoted my hipster-hatin’ right after mentioning that I live in the hipsterest neighborhood in existence. Other than the fact that he calls me a receptionist–I AM THE DIRECTOR OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS!–and will no doubt totally offend my parents with the “avoiding a date with the Lord” bit at the end, I don’t think it could be better.

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  1. caropal says:

    So, are you going to put your post about it back up?

    • plumpdumpling says:

      I mean, if you INSIST.

      It’s only, like, two million words long, so I figure it’ll be good avoiding-work-on-a-Friday fare.

  2. ael88 says:

    I’m relieved that the way the reporter describes you (you got an infinity times more mentions than the other contestants, by the way) is exactly the way you come across on LiveJournal. Independent verification of your greatness.

    (Fuck! I just spilled my green tea all over my lecture notes!)

    I won’t forgive you for quitting, though. The Katie Ett I know would sooner make out with George Washington’s tabernacle (ifyouknowwhatImean) than GIVE UP AND LOSE.

    • plumpdumpling says:

      Oh, Aaron, that’s the greatest thing you could say. (Naturally, I’d love an example or two, but I won’t ask you to re-read the thing.) I ask Tracey constantly if she thinks I’m the same online as I am in real life, ’cause years ago, I met my very first LJ friend, had an awkward conversation, and was like, “Wait, does she think I’m BORING?!”

      (That’s what you get for being free-radical free and antioxidized.)

      If you want to know a secret, I could’ve gone allllll night, but the reporter was drunk and kept complaining about having to write the article the next day, so Brian and I quit just to be nice. You know I love the Lord. But no, I ain’t touchin’ that tabernacle.

  3. Patty says:

    You’re totally his favorite. (and wow – that was a long day!)

    • plumpdumpling says:

      I kind of felt like he didn’t hate me, too, after reading the article. Which is weird, ’cause he said at one point that I’m one of those quiet people who surprises you with shocking comments, and I was like, “I’m quiet?!”, and I worried that everyone thought I was antisocial.

      Whee! Paranoid social awkwardness.

  4. megan says:

    Your text message was absolutely the best part. It was so brilliantly Katie in every way.


    • plumpdumpling says:

      I was having such a terrible time at that point, all because I hadn’t slept much the night before, and the fact that all those damned hipsters were having such a great time made it all the worse. As soon as I got the chocolate and Dew in me, though, things got awesome again.

  5. Laurasaurus says:

    After some delicate diplomacy but not much debate, they agree to drop out simultaneously, so that they can both win and avoid a date with the Lord.

    That was the perfect ending.

    • plumpdumpling says:

      Aww, Laura, you DO love me!

      Are you going to use your blog? ‘Cause I’ll totally add it to my Google Reader in a sec.

      • Laura says:

        Yes, I can’t help it. You are very lovable. Plus your blog is too good to stop reading. I don’t have any friends that write the way you do.

        I’m also the idiot that posted the same comment twice. I didn’t realize there was a screening process but I figured it out before typing it for a third time.

        I’ll probably post in it as much as I do livejournal. Which is not very often. But if I know you are reading it on your homepage I might make more of an effort to post.

  6. Laurasaurus says:

    After some delicate diplomacy but not much debate, they agree to drop out simultaneously, so that they can both win and avoid a date with the Lord.

    This was the perfect ending.

  7. a says:

    Are you screening comments? I don’t like that.

    • plumpdumpling says:

      Yeah, it’s not my choice, either, mysterious commenter. I think it’s a product of my spam blocker, and I can’t seem to turn it off. Luckily, if I approve you once, it seems to save your information and automatically approve the next time.