Hurts So Good

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Kamran: Apparently it’s named for Luther Vandross, who apparently loved these.
me: OMG!
Kamran: Do you understand what’s going on there?
me: Is that sausage or beef? ‘Cause sausage would ALMOST make sense to me.
Kamran: Beef. It’s a hamburger.
me: Bacon and cheese?
Kamran: Hamburger with bacon and cheese on a glazed donut bun.
me: Should we try it?
Kamran: No. Luther Vandross is dead.
me: Yes, but . . . I want to die having lived a full life, Kamran.
Kamran: A full life doesn’t require a hamburger with a glazed donut bun. Just like it doesn’t require shooting up heroin.
me: Then what DOES it require, huh?
Kamran: Might feel good, but it fucks you up.
me: Kinda like my love.

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