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As you may remember, Kamran’s landlady installed a murphy bed in his apartment over Christmas break, and we’ve been heartily enjoying it ever since. The landlady’s last name is Dicker, which makes for lots of hi-LAR-ious “Dicker? I hardly know ‘er!” jokes. And we’re also strangely amused by a sticker on the frame of the bed that says, “ST DICKER,” which we interpret to mean “St. Dicker” and can repeat to each other for minutes at a time.

But even better is that the murphy bed has allowed us what we call The Pillow Corner. The bed frame has a panel that runs parallel to the sleeper, and since the head of the mattress is against a wall, there’s this lovely place where the wall meets the panel and forms a corner, which we pile high with pillows and snuggle into. Kamran says that he sleeps in The Pillow Corner when I’m not there.

Of course, he also says that he fits pillows with my pajamas and cuddles them when I’m not there. Creepy or romantic? You decide.

And while we’re on the subject of beds, you can vote creepy or romantic on this, which is the photo that resulted from my wrapping Kamran in a papoose made of blankets on his birthday:

I seriously don’t think this relationship is abnormal at all.

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